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Taking Action

In January 2013 when the government first announced the route of Phase 2b of the proposed HS2 high speed railway, it was met with overwhelming opposition from the residents of Warburton.  Although not part of the direct route from Crewe to Manchester, the plans contained a railway “spur” which would run from High Legh to rejoin the West Coast Main Line at Golborne, south of Wigan, and then travel forward to Scotland.  Its route would run right through the centre of Warburton, splitting the area in two, destroying the village, isolating parts of the community from their neighbours, appropriating high grade agricultural land, and rising to become an elevated railway viaduct, 100 feet high, towering over the village, before crossing the Manchester Ship Canal.  

Residents of the village have continued for nine years to object energetically to the destructive route of the spur, with petitions, posters and placards, letters to HS2 and to government ministers - with the backing and support of Trafford Council and our MP Sir Graham Brady.   The Warburton HS2 Action Group, which was initiated and supported by the parish council, formed an alliance with action groups in all the neighbouring villages and communities between High Legh and Golborne; we have been able to speak with one voice, and have received unwavering support throughout the last nine years from all of our various MPs.


With the government’s announcement in November 2021 of substantial changes to both HS2 and the integrated rail plan, we have been informed that “the Union Connectivity Review is considering the case for alternatives to the Golborne Spur for faster and higher capacity connections from HS2 services to Scotland”.  


Our hope is that this will swiftly lead to the cancellation of the Golborne Spur.  We remain committed to ensuring that this devastating development is stopped and will continue objections until it is.  For more information, please contact us at

On July 6th 2022 the government confirmed the removal of the Golbourne Link from the plans for HS2 by submitting additional provisions to the Hybrid Bill to remove the Golbourne Link

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