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HYNET Proposed Hydrogen Pipeline

January 2023

The HyNet North West Hydrogen Pipeline is being planned by HyNet North West. This project, if successful, plans to install pipelines to provide hydrogen power to industry, and blended hydrogen power to homes across the region.

HyNet are developing 125 kilometres (around 77 miles) of new pipeline that is planned to transport low carbon hydrogen produced by Vertex Hydrogen at the Stanlow Manufacturing Complex, or the Inovyn storage site, to various industrial customers.

It also plans to enable the blending of hydrogen into the existing gas network at Partington and Warburton, close to the existing gas  installation on Carr Green Lane.  It is also planned to link to underground hydrogen storage facilities that will be used to balance supply and demand.

The pipeline will be underground, although it will need ten Hydrogen Above Ground Installations (HAGIs) at various locations along the route.  One of these locations is planned for the intersection of Dunham Road and Carr Green Lane in Warburton.

In parallel with the construction of Vertex Hydrogen’s Hydrogen Production Plant, it is anticipated that construction on the first section of the hydrogen pipeline will commence from 2025, subject to obtaining planning consent.

More information regarding the plans can be found at this link

The first Statutory consultation was conducted between 12th September and the 10th November 2022.  During this time a meeting between Warburton Parish Council and residents was held to develop a response to the consultation.  A copy of the response letter can be found at this link

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