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Bus Station


May, 2022

We are pleased to be able to inform of two new bus routes that will service the village.  The two new bus services will have slightly different routes with the CAT5/5A serving a revised Altrincham to Lymm route and the new Little Gem 280 route servicing a new Altrincham to Sale Route via Dunham and Warburton.  Details of the new routes and timetables can be found by clicking on the route maps below:

New CAT 5/5A Services                                                                              New Little Gem 280 Service


*Update May 2022*


We are very pleased to inform residents that the CAT5/5A bus service has now been reinstated with a revised route and schedule and a new additional service, the Little Gem 280 has also been launched which will serve a route between Altrincham, Warburton and Sale.

Full information about these new services can be found on the link below



 Jan 2nd 2022


Many people within the village will be aware that recently Warrington's Own Buses have redirected the Cat5A bus service to route the service away from Dunham Road, Warburton and Dunham Massey and through Partington to access Altrincham.  This is due to unresolved legal issues regarding the buses travelling under the canal underbridge at Dunham Massey.  Warburton Parish Council have been in discussions regarding this with Warrington's Own Buses, Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), Dunham Massey Council, Lymm Parish Council and The National Trust.  All parties wish to see this important bus service reinstated to the village and we are continuing our efforts to ensure this. 


At a meeting between Warburton Parish Council, Dunham Massey Parish Council, Trafford Council, The National Trust and TfGM on 21st December we were informed that TfGM are trying to get the bus service reinstated with a smaller bus from another supplier and this process will hopefully enable the bus service to return in April 2022.  In the meantime TfGM are trying to find a solution to the poor service from the replacement Local Link service. 


If you have specific regular journeys you require a bus service for such as children travelling to schools or regular travel for work, please get in touch as we are trying to ensure special provision in the meantime for regular users


Further updates will be provided, if you require any further information please contact info@warburtonparish

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