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Here you will find the latest updates on many of the issues affecting our village. Check out some of our featured articles below and learn more about our efforts.


January, 2023

We are aware of the concerns of many residents regarding speeding traffic on Dunham Road, Warburton Lane, Paddock Lane and Townfield Lane.  We have been working with Trafford Council to ensure the broken speed awareness sign on was repaired and re-instated.  This has now been completed.  We will continue to push Trafford to find a solution to improve road safety.  The Parish Council is also logging all accidents that happen in the village.  If you see an accident please report to with photographs if possible. 


Dec 6th, 2021

We are aware that the Cross Base on the junction of Wigsey Lane and Townfield Lane is suffering from the effects of subsidence.  We are currently looking to have the structure repaired and are currently applying for grants to support this work.


Dec 6th, 2021

The Parish Council are aware that the pavements on Dunham Road have deteriorated significantly in the last few years.  We have had numerous discussion with Trafford Council and Amey in order to have these pavements fully restored, enabling residents and visitors to the village to access the TransPennine Trail.  We achieved some success this summer, with work on some sections of pavement to reduce the overgrowth.  However, this work has not continued along the full length of the road and we continue to press Trafford Council to restore these pavements.  We are also looking at potential legal action to ensure this work is completed.

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