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*Update June 2022*

We are pleased to inform you that the views submitted have supported a revision to the previously suggested new Trafford Wards.  The final recommendation that has been submitted to the boundary commision is that Warburton and Dunham should remain in the Bowdon Ward and the proposed new "Western Parishes" Ward has been dropped.  We are very grateful to all who submitted feedback during the consultation process and very appreciative to Trafford Cllr Michael Whetton who provided strong support to us with this issue.  The final recommendations have now been submitted to Parliament for approval and the expectation is that Parliament will accept the submission from Trafford as the final determination.


The Local Government Boundary Commission is in the process of reviewing the local wards within the Trafford area.  They have completed and initial review and are now soliciting feedback on the new proposed wards. 


The changes they are making will have a significant impact on Warburton and Dunham Massey.  Currently Warburton and Dunham Massey are in the Bowdon Ward. 


The new proposals will remove Dunham and Warburton from the Bowdon Ward and place them into a new Ward called "Local Parishes" with Partington and Carrington.  This new ward is the largest geographically and we have significant concerns that the needs of our rural villages will not be best met by lumping us together with two large urban and industrial areas like Partington and Carrington. 


We are concerned that our needs as a village (which are very different to those of Partington and Carrington) will be lost within this much larger ward.  In addition, we have long standing links with the Bowdon, Hale and Altrincham areas.  Those links include educational services (as many children from Warburton go to schools in Bowdon, Altrincham and Hale), medical services, bus routes and shopping.  We have a long, historical connection to Altrincham and Bowdon due to our history as part of the Dunham estate and many of our residents have links to church and social groups within these areas.

You can find further information about these changes here.  If you wish to object the rational needs to include details of why you do not think the new ward will support the resident of Warburton and detail the links we have with the Bowdon ward (as mentioned above).  Your submission must be completed by February 7th 2022


*Update May 2022*


We are very pleased to inform residents that the CAT5/5A bus service has now been reinstated with a revised route and schedule and a new additional service, the Little Gem 280 has also been launched which will serve a route between Altrincham, Warburton and Sale.

Full information about these new services can be found on the link below



 Jan 2nd 2022


Many people within the village will be aware that recently Warrington's Own Buses have redirected the Cat5A bus service to route the service away from Dunham Road, Warburton and Dunham Massey and through Partington to access Altrincham.  This is due to unresolved legal issues regarding the buses travelling under the canal underbridge at Dunham Massey.  Warburton Parish Council have been in discussions regarding this with Warrington's Own Buses, Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), Dunham Massey Council, Lymm Parish Council and The National Trust.  All parties wish to see this important bus service reinstated to the village and we are continuing our efforts to ensure this. 


At a meeting between Warburton Parish Council, Dunham Massey Parish Council, Trafford Council, The National Trust and TfGM on 21st December we were informed that TfGM are trying to get the bus service reinstated with a smaller bus from another supplier and this process will hopefully enable the bus service to return in April 2022.  In the meantime TfGM are trying to find a solution to the poor service from the replacement Local Link service. 


If you have specific regular journeys you require a bus service for such as children travelling to schools or regular travel for work, please get in touch as we are trying to ensure special provision in the meantime for regular users


Further updates will be provided, if you require any further information please contact info@warburtonparish


Dec 6th, 2021

We are aware of the concerns of many residents regarding speeding traffic on Dunham Road, Warburton Lane, Paddock Lane and Townfield Lane.  We are working with Trafford Council to ensure the broken speed awareness signs are repaired and with our local PSCO to support a raised police presence and monitoring on local roads.


Dec 6th, 2021

We are aware that the Cross Base on the junction of Wigsey Lane and Townfield Lane is suffering from the effects of subsidence.  We are currently looking to have the structure repaired and are currently applying for grants to support this work.


Dec 6th, 2021

The Parish Council are aware that the pavements on Dunham Road have deteriorated significantly in the last few years.  We have had numerous discussion with Trafford Council and Amey in order to have these pavements fully restored, enabling residents and visitors to the village to access the TransPennine Trail.  We achieved some success this summer, with work on some sections of pavement to reduce the overgrowth.  However, this work has not continued along the full length of the road and we continue to press Trafford Council to restore these pavements.  We are also looking at potential legal action to ensure this work is completed.